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  • GOLCHI BOTTLE (The Smart Bottle)

For Drinking Water or Juice we all use Bottle so Today I will show you a Smart and Multi-Function Bottle so Guys Introducing Golchi (The Smart Bottle)

So in this Bottle you Will get Two Slender in One Slender there is Red Mark and in Second Slender there is Blue Mark because in
this Bottle You can Carry Hot and Cold Drink at the Same Time at the Blue Mark side You can Carry Cold and at the Red Mark side, You can Carry Hot Drink.

It is Multi-Functional so you can Separate its Apart and use it According to your use. You can Merge Hot and Cold Slender and make it One long Bottle and you can Separate it and make Two Different Bottles.

Golgi brand gives you the security that within 24 hours you drink will be perfect. You can use Accordingly like Sports, Travelling, vacation.


(Price of this Gadget is 2200/- INR)


Introducing pocket mini size drone this New Gadget was Mainly made for Playing Pokemon Game, but you can it Otherwise as well.

You can Connect this Drone with your Phone and you will
get the Remote Control.


You can fly that drone for approx 10 to 15 minutes and you will get HD camera and chargeable adapter as well.

(The Price of this Gadget is 887/- INR)

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