New Cool Gadgets

Hi Guys,

In Today's Blog, I will Show you Two New Cool Gadgets that Definitely help you in your Daily Life!

You Can Purchase these New Cool Gadgets from Amazon or other Websites.

So Let's Begin!

1) ICE-ORB SPEAKER (Bluetooth Speaker)

For Music, we commonly use Sound System or Portable Speaker. So today we are going to show you a Futuristic Wireless Speaker which can Play the Music by Floating in the Air So guys Introducing ICE-ORB Floating Wireless Speaker!

New Cool Gadgets
New Cool Gadgets
Features of this New Cool Gadgets:-

One of the Greatest Feature of this Gadget is Floating Technology which is Futuristic and Cool Looking.

It can Provide Surround and 3D Music. In this Speaker, you will get some Great Features like NFC and Bluetooth Connectivity.

Super Base Quality and LED lights and Magnet.

(Price of this New Cool Gadgets is 15,400/- INR)


For Operating Computer or Writing anything, we use the Keyboard. So I will show you a Futuristic Keyboard which you can connect with your Computer and Smart Phone. So guys introducing Laser Keyboard.

New Cool Gadgets
New Cool Gadgets
Features of this New Cool Gadgets:-

It is not like a Normal plastic Keyboard. In this Keyboard, You can Type the Massage by Touching the Laser and you can Control the Smart Phone and Computer with it.

This Small Looking Gadget Generates Virtual Laser for using this device you just have to Simply Connect it via Bluetooth.

You will get a LED Laser Light which Generates Keyboard Hologram and Under it the Laser Infatuate Sensor which makes your Typing more Accurate!

(Price of this New Cool Gadgets is 2000/- INR)

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