New Electronic Gadgets You Must Try

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New Electronic Gadgets


Nowadays for Entertaining Purpose, We use Smart Phone on its Screen We Watch Videos, and Play Games but Sometimes We don't Satisfy with the Small Screen of  Phone So here We are Introducing Smart & Latest Gadget which has a Projector!

So you can Watch the Small Videos and lay the Games in 16 inch Giant Screen. In this Projector, you will get 4 Inch touch Display with 7.1 nougat System.

New Electronic Gadgets
New Electronic Gadgets

You will get 20 Pixel Projector Light. You will get 4G+ WiFi Feature 2 GB RAM,16 GB ROM.

(Price of this Latest Gadget is 38688/-INR)

                                         New Electronic Gadgets 


We All are Using Smart Phones for Multiple Tasks. Just like Multi-Tasking Phone Today We are going to Show you Smart Torch Which has a lot of Features!

You'll get USB Power Bank Feature in Emergency Cases You can Charge your Phone!

In this Torch you Will get Speed Tracking Feature that You Can use on Your Bicycle to Track your Speed!

 In this torch, you will get small Display that you can use for your fitness tracking, GPS, Compass
 and Maps which will help you at Unknown Place For Tracking!

New Electronic Gadgets
New Electronic Gadgets

In this torch, you will get a walkie-talkie feature!

(Price of this Gadget is 5688/- INR)
Conclusion:- I hope you would enjoy these New Electronic Gadgets if you have any query so feel free to ask.                                       
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