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Today we are Introducing some New Gadgets we hope you'll like it.

New Gadgets | Electronic Gadgets 

New  Gadgets
New Gadgets


Guys we use Drone to Take Pictures or Video Recording from Sky, With the help of  that Exploring Picture has Become so easy but People don't have anything to Explore the Beautiful Scenario of Inside the Water so today we are Introducing an Amazing Drone that you can run inside the water and Record the Under Water Footage. So you can run these New Gadgets up to 100 Meter Distance.

At the Front of this Drone 12 MegaPixel, 4 K Camera has been used.

There is High Quality LED Flash Light on Both Sides of this Drone so that we can get Clear Footage Recording in Deep Water.

We can run up to 3.5 hours Continuously.

New Gadgets


Guys to Secure our Personal Data we use Pen-drive so our Normal Pen-drive can be used by anyone or can be Stolen by anyone, so anyone can copy your Personal Data so Today we have a Solution of this Problem we are Introducing a Pen Drive which doesn't look like a Pen-drive.

A Normal Person can't Recognize it by looking it from Outside. 

These Spy Pen-drives some time Designed like a DSLR and some time like a canon Digital Camera and some time like a Four Wheeler Car Toy and Many More Different shape.

The best thing about this Pen-drive is, It is not Costly you can get these New Gadgets Under RS 500/-

New  Gadgets
New Gadgets

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