Most Impactful Future Technology

Future Technology:- I am going to talk about Most Impactful Future Technology, Future Technology Ideas, and future technology of the computer.

Future Technology

Future Technology

  • VR AR
Now if you talk about the giving Interest Rate is Evolving right from the Joystick to high-end games and then because of you now Microsoft Xbox do a lot of experiments and now we are moving towards some related games there are so many games evolved for VR and in fact, Facebook is also working with Oculus Rift to build our games to VR games right but not just we are we also have a concept of  virtual reality and then we have an AR which is from Painted Reality, yes this fear has been for VR but not so much for AR is what if I say next year we are also focusing on MR which is mixed reality because there is something good about VR there is something good about AR soviet is basically you know enjoying yourself in the virtual world nothing is real ok everything is virtual you are playing some game we have some virtual characters and everything the entire scenario is virtual you are not in real Y that at that point.

On the other hand, we have an AR so here is basically you are Customizing the real world example let's say you're talking to me and then we don't have anyone here and then if it the help of an art I can represent something here on android on right-hand side we can have some Pikachu here which is moving around we can have a character like toy story so that's your AR you are changing your real world with the help of  virtual technologies that's AR but we have some good things and bad things about both technologies so what if I take good things from both and let's mix it up and that's where mixed reality comes into picture now there are so many companies they are working on it so they are working on AR VR and MR. 

Maybe you can just go to any shopping mall if you want to buy a dress for you if you want to buy some clothes you have to wear a trial room to change your to try out those new clothes right now what if you can just use a smart mirror instead of using a normal mirror you can use a smart mirror, just imagine yourself in that new clothes that's something which lot of companies are trying out maybe you know if you want to construct a building you can just see the exact way it will look like in the actual scenario not on the computer but in an actual real-life that's what we are heading now it will help industry for sure maybe it will help the medical industry so to teach new doctors it will also help education it will solve the problem of online learning with the help of AR and VR so these things will be coming soon for sure. this could be Most Impactful Future Technology.     
Latest Technology in Computer Science

Latest Technology in Computer Science

  • Edge Computing
We know IoT and Cloud Computing they are the future Technology they have been moving and will be moving ahead but the problem with IoT and cloud computing is you know a t of devices in they will be connected on internet right so your mobile phone your smart gadgets your variable devices your TV everything will be connected on internet so that's your internet of things the only problem is if these devices want to communicate if they want to process something they have to connect with the cloud servers there will be cloud servers and you will be connecting all these devices with your cloud servers but that's where problem starts because let say your cloud server is somewhere very far, example of future Technology, your devices are in India and all your cloud servers are in Dubai now there is a problem of latency.

If two devices want to communicate there will be a latency gap we don't want that we don't want latency or else you won't enjoy those experience for example if I want to talk to my mobile phone or talk to a TV it should be very smooth and that's where we should going for cloud computing of course it will be there in some remote places will be having Edge Computing so let say we have IoT devices here and they want to communicate they want o process some information they can directly communicate with the help of local server or local devices so you will be having some local devices let's say near to the devices near to IOT devices or somewhere not very far but then somewhere nearby and that device will process the urgent things I don't do things which are not where you required latency where you can reduce latency and that's where Edge Computing comes into picture. this is also going to have a great impact on Future Technology.

The latest Technology in the Computer field & The Recent Technology in Computers

New Inventions in Electronics | Future Gadgets

The latest Technology in the Computer field & The Future Technology in Computers

  • Quantum Computing 
Now world is moving very fast we have so many data to process we have AI to process all this data we need huge computer, huge power in our CPUs, of course, we have a large amount of power  we got high-end CPUs on several levels as well but still we are facing the issue of processing power that's why from the 20 years scientists are doing research on a path known as quantum computers, its there since a long time lot of scientists are working on it but they were doing it for scientific purpose.

But from last few years lot of companies like IBM Google they are working very hard to actually make it work they started implementing it, here are some problem with quantum machine-like heat we can't simply use it on an open place our AC won't be enough you need a refrigerator to cool it. it will take some time for home use but for a certain place we can use it, in fact, IBM is working really hard to make it online so that's something is coming in future we need a quantum machine speed that will rock. so this was The Future Technology in the Computer field & The Recent Technology in Computers.

Newtech and Upcoming Future Technology of the Computer

  • BlockChain
 The data which you have online they are new tables we don't want data which is immutable we don't want to depend upon one central server to handle our data we want to handle our data by our selves we also want to go towards this centralized application where the company will not hold our data it will be handled by ourself even if you want to save your data you can do it that's the power which blockchain gives you and then, 

On the other hand, we also have cryptocurrency so this Future Technology works on the blockchain there are so many companies started to work on it the next year will be implementation there will be technologies based on blockchain which you will be used as a consumer it's not very far so u can upgrade to your self by it. This is the Newtech And Upcoming Future technology of the Computer.

Newtech And Upcoming technology
My words on it: These Future technologies are changing the world they are the future technology, especially for me I am so excited about Quantum Computing because for me it is amazing so guys let me know what you are excited about in the comment box.

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