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IS Instamojo Free & Best Payment Gateway In India?

Instamojo payment gateway has been around for over 20 years and is one of the most popular sites online. The site gives a list of user-generated links, which are the search engines at their finest. 

You can create new web pages, or save the ones you already have, simply by typing a keyword into the Instamojo Search Engine Tool and clicking Submit.

Instamojo payment gateway is fast becoming popular among the majority of Internet users. To be honest, that's because it gives away the truth about something as well as what they are really thinking. With the discovery of this website, hundreds of thousands of people who search for popular keywords will find all the information they are looking for. 

However, Instamojo doesn't only deliver factual information, but also a great website for internet marketing as well.

Of course, there is a downside to this business model, however. This product does not always seem to follow the rules of the game.

First of all, the best way to monetize the site is through advertising. However, you cannot ignore the fact that you should not pay any money if you do not get the best click-through rate on your ads. 

There are very few internet marketing companies that provide this kind of service for free.

As such, we need to find out why people do not click on those ads and why this is the case with Instamojo. 

For example, they can use websites like Outbrain to spread the word about their company. This way, when a visitor reads the first line, they can simply click on the link at the bottom.

Other PPC

Outbrain is another company that offers pay per click as well. They simply do this by getting people to click on a link. The problem here is that most of them are only giving away free information that does not provide useful information to the user.

If you are looking for an alternative, then try out Instamojo. By using it, you won't pay anything, unless the website delivers the information that you want to know.

An example of this would be a great website that gives you some information regarding Forex trading. This is especially helpful for beginners since this is what is usually taken for granted. To be honest, there is very little information to be found on this website.

However, the site comes with all kinds of informational content, including charts, real-time quotes, graphs, charts and so on. This makes it different from most of the other websites, in that it gives the user all of the tools necessary to make trading easier.

In addition, the site also has a research ability, where users can actually find the best Forex brokers as well as the best forex investments. This lets users decide what kind of investment they would like to make. It allows users to not only see how they would fare on a specific trade but also if they would like to take the risk.

It is an important fact that Instamojo is different from most of the other websites on the Internet. This makes it the ideal place to find information about the best Forex Brokers.

ABOUT INSTAMOJO Free payment gateway

Instamojo is one of the INDIA'S LARGEST FULL STACK SME PLATFORM. Its aim is to make little and medium organizations, genuinely venturesome. Organizations use It in a flash beginning, sell, oversee and develop utilizing our wide scope of items and administrations like installments, free online store, coordinations, credit and financing and more across mobile and web. 

INSTAMOJO was discovered on MARCH 2015, the founder of INSTAMOJO are Akash Gehani, Aditya Sengupta, Sampad Swain, Harshad Sharma.

Instamojo is a Bangalore-based organization that is focused on selling advanced merchandise and gathering installment on the web. It offers different solutions for the present period Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs and Freelancers.

In a basic word, you can utilize it to sell any advanced products and gather installment. Any Indian dealer with a bank account can enlist themselves at Instamojo, and begin selling on the web. It deals with the installment and conveyance of advanced merchandise. This administration is utilized by Bloggers and Authors to sell eBooks, architects to sell their plans, artists to sell their music collection, picture takers are selling their photographs and anything that can be conveyed on the web.

Top dealers are utilizing this stage to sell IAS, CAT and different tests instructing materials. Instamojo started to ease for all digital entrepreneurs, and with a geographical target (India) in their mind. They have disentangled the online business for many Indians, who simply need to sell online and get paid.

Features – What users like about INSTAMOJO!

  • Transfer the Digital merchandise, purchaser pay by means of Instamojo installment door and everything else including conveyance is dealt with It.
  • You can also collect payment for physical goods.
  • All the product pages can be SEO optimized along with support for the canonical tag.
  • Only 1.9% transaction fees.
  • Instamojo applications (Paid and free) let you include highlights, for example, SMS alarms, Affiliate program.
  • There are no setup fees & it takes 5 or a maximum of 10 minutes to get started.
  • Google Analytics integration enabled
  • You can create a reduction code for your product.
  • You can designate separate commission for singular associates ( Enjoy the intensity of super offshoot)
  • Fare your Sales and Affiliates. You can import them to your email list for upselling.
  • Request payment by sending SMS

How to start selling online in India using Instamojo?

Even if you don’t have anything to sell a digital product immediately, you ought to plow ahead & create an Instamojo account. As after creating an account, you'd realize how easy it's to sell online.

Moreover, they provide a feature call InstaPay which allows you to collect payment online without sharing your bank details. Think of this as an Indian PayPal alternative without the wallet feature.

Here, I’m outlining all the processes that you need to follow to get started.

Head over to the Instamojo homepage.

  • Click on get started & create your profile.
  • I suggest you use an honest username because it is going to display in your download link. You can use your name or any keyword which would be your niche/product.
  • Submit your KYC
  • When you click on Submit your KYC, you've got the choice to pick from business types. If you're a minor without a PAN card, you ought to open the account under any of your parent names or take the help of an elder person in your family.

To finish the account activation process, you would like to upload a scanned copy of your PAN card, and anybody of those three details from your checking account.

  • Latest Bank Statement (Scan/ Photo/ PDF)
  • Passbook Front Page
  • Cheque Book Front Page (Canceled cheques not accepted)
Tip for Instamojo login:
Is Instamojo login is Difficult? well the answer is No

You can log in to the Instamojo in a mobile browser and use your mobile phone camera to take pictures. Their mobile site is fully functional.

After that Create a Payment Link for What you are looking for. When you will click on the option of Creating a Payment Link there you will find another 4 options. I.e Digital Goods, Event Tickets, Service /Membership, and Physical Goods. So INSTAMOJO Provides you a better option to choose for What you are looking for

Once you're done making your product page live, do explore their dashboard & app store. 

You will find many interesting things, and that I highly recommend you to enable affiliate from their app store. This will let your customers or users hitch & promote your product for the affiliate commission. 

Overall be it you or anyone you recognize, Instamojo login makes it easier for you to start selling online. It saves plenty of your time stepping into the effort of paperwork for collecting payment & all other formalities.

In today’s era, a company like this is empowering and end-users like us to sell our product instantly. I’m expecting the time once they expand their geographical boundaries from India to worldwide, as that might make this company a game-changer in global online commerce.

instamojo login
instamojo login
Another new feature is Instamojo launches a new method of transferring money via username
BENGALURU: Payments company Instamojo has launched a replacement method of transferring money to a merchant or individual user without having to recollect the checking account details. Instapay, the new feature, will let professionals and repair providers accept money from users with an easy username, rather than traditional methods like a bank transfer or cheque.

To use Instapay, a business or individual has got to share their Instamojo username to the payer and customers can transfer money to the account using various payment methods like debit or credit cards or net banking. The money is then transferred electronically to the user’s checking account.

“Instapay might be someone’s financial identity,” says Sampad Swain, co-founder, and CEO, Instamojo. Nearly 600 merchants have started using the service within the last week approximately, he said.

Swain’s company recently raised series-A funding from Bengaluru Based Kalaari Capital et al. and is looking to tap into the tiny and medium business segment, where many merchants have trouble receiving.

What Is a Payment Gateway?
A payment gateway is an innovation dealer utilizes to acknowledge charge or Visa buys from clients. The term incorporates not just the physical card-perusing gadgets found in physical retail locations yet in addition the installment handling gateways found in online stores. In any case, physical installment portals lately have started tolerating telephone-based installments utilizing Near Field Communication (NFC) innovation.

The payment gateway is a key part of the electronic installment preparing framework, as it is the front-end innovation liable for sending client data to the shipper securing bank, where the exchange is then handled.

Now I know you are in this thaught which payment gateway is better to use. Don't worry you have the best option i.e INSTAMOJO PAYMENT GATEWAY.

Instamojo Citrus :

Instamojo Citrus can be a private licensed vendor of the Cenmax brand name in India. All its services and products come along with a 6-24 calendar month warranty. they commonly send within two days of charge received. If there's a delay Instamojo Citrus is able to call one.

Instamojo Careers:
You can make your career on Instamojo by being part of Instamojo careers.
Instamojo is occupying over 1million MSMEs into the electronic distance.  It empowers them at the most facet of the travel from commencing, to Handle, and mature their organization. 
In Instamojo, there's a chance that appears with just about every notion and also they work hard to keep on the very top of the match. 
Their civilization hint consists of beneath action for careers in Instamojo - 
  • Feel Long-term 
  • Produce a favorable Effect 
  • Be you are 
  • Have ethics 
  • Cope with doubt 
  • Simply Take possession 
In Instamojo they have confidence from the development of every single stakeholder, that comprises their clients, their spouses, their own clients, and everybody inside the ecosystem.  And that will only take place when within an environment in which it's possible to say your self at the authentic method. 
 instamojo careers
Instamojo Payment Gateway:
Instamojo Payment Gateway allows new merchants to make a merchant account instantly to gather online payments with ease with or without an internet site. Charges of Instamojo are quite reasonable.

Annual maintenance Charge: ZERO. yes ZEROTransaction Fee per Transaction: Flat fee @ 2% + Rs 3 per transaction

Key Features of Instamojo Payment gateway service.

  • International Payment / Credit card Support: Not supported
  • Multi-Currency Support: Not supported. Only INR.
  • Withdrawal Fees: Zero
  • Settlement days: 3 days in your connected checking account.
  • Customer Support: Their IVR system clearly says that they're closed over weekends. However, on weekdays, our call went unanswered.
  • Documentation required: Documentation list you'll see after signing up with them.
  • No OF Days to start out transaction: you'll start receiving payment after simple signup together with your email. Types of Credit Card Accepted:
  • Supported eCommerce CMS System: All major ones like Magento, Prestashop, Opencart, etc.
  • Mobile App Payment Gateway Integration: Not available as of now.
Instamojo Customer Care:
For any product related queries or issues you are facing with Instamojo, contact This is Instamojo customer care Gmail.
Finally, I hope this Instamojo review article is helpful. here I have reviewed the whole Instamojo which will help you in taking action.

For more Information Visit The website

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